Family Rehearsals

by Vassilis D. Gonis

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Lo-fi guitar improvisation by the splendid Greek musician/photographer Vassilis D. Gonis.

- - - - - - - - - -

''This one is rightfully dedicated to Eleni.

A big kiss to Phaedra and Alkmini, my little lion tamers. Hats off to Youli, Damiano and my parents for being there and creating all the precious childhood memories. Honorable mentions to Zaharoula, Vassiliki, Kallistos, Theophilos and Anna - Izambo, Maximo, Lyda and Evelina, Antonia, Paulos, Giorgos and my parents - in - law.
A big thank you to my friends Antonis, Vassilis and Vassilis, Giannis and Giannis, Stelios, Panagiotis, Tasos, Dimitris, Kostas, Apostolis, Notis, Harris and Nelly and some that I definitely forget, so maybe not so close anymore, but I shouldn't say that because I might drive them further away, but who reads these notes and certainly not them, but how do I know, and well aren't these liner notes a bit stupid?

Special thanks to Darren Hayman for making (without his knowledge) the connection with Sam. His music both solo and with Hefner is great, you should definitely try it. To Mona for reviewing many of the photos and music before most eyes and ears and being there. To the guys and gals at AMIT and FOZ for reasons too complicated to explain, inspiration included. Thank you Sam Drouin for the mastering.

And last but not least, Sam Murdock who has been a surprise across the ocean.""

-Vassilis D. Gonis, summer 2016

- - - - - - - - - -


released August 14, 2016

Music + Photography : Vassilis D. Gonis
Design + Layout : Sam Murdock
Mastering : Sam Drouin

Mutefakemusic - MFM 018

Who cares who is Vassilis D. Gonis. If you like his music, you only need to press "PLAY" once again. If you didn't like it, you are not even here reading this. All these bios and liner notes are quite tiring, written in such a style in order to give the impression that something more sophisticated and time consuming is happening. But you are not here for these liner notes. You are not here to connect with the musician or author writing in third person about the musician who is in fact the same person. These words might have been written by a computer program, just like the music. Marvin maybe?

No, you are here for the music. Because you have found something. If you have found it, please return it to the lost and found. Somebody is missing it.

For more information about the author, please write to me.



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